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Overview bug on a table that has more columns

Hi, I've found an issue on overview functionnality when one table has more than 100 columns. How to fix this ? Thanks

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Two bugs in DB Diagram Tool

When generating a MySql script, I copy and paste into my MySql promt, but it errors out when: The second line above each table definition (the comment line '-----------------------------...' does...

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AUTO_INCREMENT flag on column needs to be added

In column properties of the table AUTO_INCREMENT flag would be very helpful. I'm trying to move from mysql_workbench to a cloud solution. All my primary keys on the tables are set to auto_increment...

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Multiple relationships from one column

Hi, It doesn't seem possible to create multiple relationships from a column on a table as when you try to create the second relationship the first is removed. For example if I had the tables Addr...

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Group Color Drop-Down not functional

On my Mac, in the Properties of Group, the Color drop-down menu has only "Sample Text" for all of the options, and selecting any of them does not change the color of the selected Group circle. On m...

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Reverse engineering by import SQL script

New feature to be able to import DDL from a SQL script from the supported databases

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Page Scroll

Hi,   The solution is very interesting but one issue which I see is that there is no scrollbar on the page. I tried to use the mouse wheel and it just zooms in or out and the whole page goes haywir...

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There no MSBDataSlave project in solution

in SeaQuail_DiagramTool solution in references there is a MSBDataSlave, which depends on MSBDataSlave project, but in source code package is missing this project or library.

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Suggestions for the Chrome App

I know this was released only a few days ago, but i found some bugs or errors, and i will like to report them, ( the script code generated, doesn't work directly,   comments // need to be in the ...

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Exception System

This project being one that is a wrapper of many other libraries, there should be a lot of care taken, a lot of planning put into the matters of handling and throwing exceptions.

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